About Me

A working mom is more than just a mom, it’s a working mom, the stay at home moms, the new mothers out there fighting to make a living. When someone say’s “I’m a stay at home mom” there tends to be judgment that we just sit around and hardly work. It’s more than just a full time job, it’s a non stop constant job. I am not one of those though. I am a single mother with three kids, working a full time job, wanting to create and take on more opportunities to possibly become a self sustaining stat at home mother. Shout out to all the stay at home mothers, I’ve been there before and I know how much work it takes.


This blog is about the tolls of being a mother. I love my kids to death and want to be around them as much as possible, sorry if i sound obsessive but they are my babies! I am working at a full time job and I feel the need to free myself. This is my new task. I will share my story with you in hopes to encourage other mothers out there to do what they dream of doing.