Do Single Parents Get Judged More?

As a single parent, there are many stigmas you’ll have to face going through life. Most of these stigmas are going to be negative because single parents seem to get judged more about being a single parent than anything else. Everything always reverts back to you being a single parent, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Here’s what most single parents think, but are too afraid to say because they fear being judged.

1. Your Words Can Hurt

Single parents go through so much already with having to take care of a child usually on their own. What most people don’t realize is that their words truly can hurt a person who is a single parent. However, unless you have walked in their shoes, you don’t know their life story. They could have recently been divorced from the other parent or a widow. Never assume because your words can have a terrible impact.

2. Single Parents Get Told Their Kids are “Baggage”

It’s been said countless times by people throughout the years. The reaction is always the same from a single parent, though. A rash freak out because you insulted their child. Next time you decide to say this to a single parent, ask yourself if you’d be saying the same thing to couple.

3. Don’t Assume All Single Mothers Get Child Support and Alimony

This specifically pertains to single mothers. Many people automatically assume they are getting child support and alimony to pay their bills. Most single moms these days, stay-at-home or not, work full-time jobs so that they can take care of their children. It’s already difficult being a working woman with a child – no one needs the extra grief about their money situation.

4. The Drama with The Other Parent Always gets Scrutinized

Co-parenting with someone you get along with is already hard enough. Imagine not liking someone and having to raise a kid with them. Although they love their child, the other parent can be a nuisance to the other, and vice versa. Single parents get judged when they argue with the other parent – but it’s not unhealthy. It’s better for there to be occasional conflict than to pretend to get along. This can show your kids unhealthy morals. They work hard for their children’s happiness.

5. Single Parents Feel the Pressure of “Not Being Good Enough” More

For a single mother or father, there is a lot of pressure to play both roles. Couples have put the stigma out there that single parents can’t raise their kids because they need both a mother and father. Everything a single parent does “wrong” is pressured by everyone around them. Even for simple problems like lice on their child, a parent can be looked at as being a “bad parent” because they somehow gave their kid lice with a magical wand. Even after taking their child to a lice expert to get treated, it will plague them for months to come because of the constant judgements of “coupled parents” having their negative perception on single parents.

It’s one of the many ways single parents freak out in their heads knowing that stigma is around them.

Try to Put Yourself in the Shoes of a Single Parent

Being a single parent isn’t easy. Next time you want to judge someone who is a single parent, imagine yourself being a single parent. How would you feel if all eyes were on you in judgement, waiting for you to make a mistake that can be blamed on “being a single parent?” Ask yourself this and enlighten yourself on the daily struggles single parents go through daily to mold yourself to be less judgmental.

Margaret Wilson

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