Five Ways That Video Ads Can Grow Your Local Business

To the local business owner, the internet and its opportunities can either be a friend or an enemy. It all comes down to whether or not you decide to take advantage of its modern resources, the most important of which being video ads. Tech savvy business owners everywhere are using video ads to reach more customers in a more engaging and effective way. With four billion views each day, YouTube is one example of how new age marketing is helping businesses expand their market base while spending less money in the process. Here are five reasons you should consider investing in video marketing today:

  1.  The social network – Local businesses thrive off of loyal and returning customers. Reaching clients through video is a great way to establish a long-lasting connection with your audience. This is especially true with websites such as YouTube that allow viewers to subscribe to their favorite channels. This means that YouTube should be considered both a video making website and a social media website.
  2. The competition – Due to intense competition and improved technology, the life cycle of businesses has never been more unpredictable. According to a 2015 marketing benchmark report, over 80% of businesses are choosing to use videos to market their products. It can now be said that in order to survive, a local business must tap into the online video space due to the benefits that their competitors are already reaping. Not to mention, videos have been proven to be up to five times as effective at reaching new customers than traditional static ads
  3.  The power of visuals – Humans are visual animals. This means that visuals get business owners more customers. A fun and engaging video will appeal to the human mind because we tend to be passive learners. Only video can combine both visual and auditory information into one medium, and then spread that information on a massive scale. Just about any message that can be written or spoken can be communicated more effectively through video.
  4. Testimonials –Through video ads, a business owner can bring the power of a yelp or amazon review to life. Smart business owners spread information about their products online by interviewing clients who have already used the product. These testimonials can spread information about a product in a more tangible and visual way. Furthermore, the comments and feedback sections of a video allow you to engage with clients as well. After hearing their feedback you can then make adjustments to either your video, your service, or perhaps even your product.
  5. Customization – Local businesses need to retain their unique local taste and small business culture. Video allows for a great range of options when it comes to customizing your content. A local business owner can even promote other businesses in their community by hiring local video production team to create content for them. After uploading your content, you can then customize your webpage to fit with the overall message and theme that you wish to convey.

Margaret Wilson

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