How I keep My Kids Occupied When Working From Home

Working from home has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to be able to support my family financially while still having the freedom to go and do as I please. I wanted to be accessible to my children if they were sick or needed something. I also wanted to be able to see all their school plays, sports events and extracurricular activities without missing one.

Working from home has given me that freedom, support and flexibility I always wanted. But, there is a question I get asked a lot. What do you do with your children when they’re home? That’s easy! I have a variety of things to keep them occupied while I’m working. If you are considering working from home, here are a few tips to keep your children active while you’re getting the job done.

Get Up Early
Okay, so this isn’t while they are awake but it works for me. I get up several hours earlier than my children so I can get in a couple of uninterrupted hours of work. This allows me to get myself awake, focused, and get some caffeine in before the day starts. I try to get up at least two hours before they do so I have had solid work time before breakfast and the day starts.

Tablet/Computer Time
While I do limit the amount of time they can play on their tablet or use the computer, this is a great way to keep them busy for a short time. You can install educational games on their tablet so they can practice math or reading while you’re working. I also like to sign them up for educational sites on the computer so they can work on skills while I’m finishing my assignment.

Take it to the Park
One way I can get work finished and they have fun is at the park. I can take my computer with me and use my Wi-Fi access to work as they are bouncing around on the playground equipment. I can keep an eye on them and also get some work done as they have fun.

Drawing/Coloring Books
Another thing that works for me is that my children love to draw and work on art projects. I can set them up on a project near my desk so they can work while I work. It’s something they can enjoy while I’m taking care of business.

Movie Time
Sometimes you just need to let your kids relax and unwind as well. I will put on a movie that they love and I know is appropriate for them. They will sit with some popcorn and I can take my laptop to sit with them. This allows them to have some downtime, me to work, and us to be together as a family.

Front Porch Sitting
Sometimes I just like to let the kids run around our large yard and I will enjoy the outdoors. It gives me a nice change of scenery to work, and it gives them an area to run their energy out. All of these tips have kept me sane and my kids happy while I work from home!

Margaret Wilson

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