Is It Impossible For A Single Business Mother

Supporting my family financially is something I’ve always strived to do. Whether it was working full time or part time, I have always tried to balance work and family life. Being a business woman and a mother is tough enough in some situations. Add in being a single mother and it can seem impossible to make extra independent money. While it may seem like a far fetched dream, it’s not!

Here are a few tips to help single mothers understand that they can be independent and make the money you need to support your family. Take these tips into consideration and understand you can make it!

Finding Balance
A key step to you making extra money and raising your children is to find balance. Do not overdo it. You must be able to also care for your family. That means you need to take care of yourself as well. Remember to take some downtime to help you refocus and rejuvenate. The balance will come when you keep yourself happy and in tune with yourself.

Plan Around Your Kids
Try to keep in contact with your children’s teachers and plan around their events. You may feel as a single mother you can’t keep up with everything. By knowing ahead of time, you can easily plan your extra money making around their schedules. It not only helps you get money but helps you stay involved with your children.

Explore Your Talents
There are many side jobs and even full time careers you can have at home. You can work at a callcenter from your home, write blogs or articles, or even answer emails and do administrative assistant work at home. Be sure you explore your talents and gifts so that you can find something you enjoy while making money.

Don’t Give Up
It can seem impossible at times to find what you want as a successful business woman and a mom. Trying to balance life, work, and kids can be a daunting task. Do not give up on yourself! When it looks bleak, remember you are making progress. You are great at what you do and can make a career out of it. Be sure you do not lose your self confidence and miss out on opportunities that could change your future.

These are just a few ways to help you know that it’s not impossible for you to earn extra money. Explore the talents and skills you have, never give up, and always keep yourself focused and give yourself downtime.

Margaret Wilson

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