Tips For Balancing Your Kids Schooling Work

As a full time working mom, it is difficult at times to really balance out all the day-to-day events of life. One of those is trying to get the perfect balance of my work and my children’s schooling. Between errands, homework, extracurricular activities and house chores, it can seem quite crazy and chaotic. Here are a few ways I keep everything balanced without losing my mind in the process.

Work While They Are Away
While I’m trying to make more money independently, I have to time my jobs when the kids are at school. By doing this, I do not feel that I am neglecting them in any way. I feel that they are being active in their school work so I can get active with my job. It allows me to focus more on the work and not worry about what my kids are doing at the moment.

Set Time for Homework
Even though they are in school for six hours a day, they do bring home at least an hours worth of homework. We have a set time where they sit down at the table before dinner to get everything completed. I can take my laptop and work at the table with them so I am easily accessible if they need assistance. You might say we are both doing our “homework” together. It gives us time together as a family while we are also accomplishing tasks at hand.

Make School Activities a Priority
With school plays, sports, and other events going on, I make those a priority to ensure I do not miss a thing. It’s easy to get sidetracked and continue working then miss something entirely. I set up an allotted time frame around the events so that I make them my priority. I also work with the teachers to try and keep updated on events way ahead of time so I can make arrangements with work.

Everyone Has a Job
When it comes to school, work and keeping up my home, it is overwhelming for one person, or even two. So that means that each of us all have chores we are responsible for. We spend time getting those done each evening so that we can relax and unwind together. It helps us focus on schoolwork once chores are finished and helps me not worry about them while I’m trying to get an assignment completed. By everyone sharing in the load, we have more time for fun!

Margaret Wilson

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