Why I’m Not Embarrassed To Call Out My Kids

Having children at a young age has allowed me to see parenting styles of people of all ages. I have seen older parents, young parents and average age parents, and been able to observe how they handle their children. In my opinion, parenting has become too lax and parents are afraid to call out their children when they are doing something they should not be doing. Parents want to be friends rather than a strong parental figure who helps their child learn the ways of the world.

Tell Them Like It Is
I have no qualms about telling my children how it is. I can tell them NO numerous times a day while I see other parents who say YES all the time, enabling their children to be bratty and self-absorbed. It is important for parents to understand that the way they teach their children to be is how they will be as an adult. It is our job to mold our children to be upstanding citizens, not adults who feel entitled to everything.

No Misbehaving
I will frequently call out my children when they are misbehaving or acting out in a way that is not approved by me. I don’t care where we are or who we are with. I will take my child off to the side and speak to them privately so they are not embarrassed but I will say something. My children know how to act and are respectful to those around them.

Be Consistent
A parent has to be consistent with punishment and teaching children how to act. If you are not consistent with your teachings, your child can get mixed messages. You want to show your child how they should act in every situation. I know it is hard to stay on your child 24/7 but they will be a better person if you stick to your teachings.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk and Listen
Talk to your children regularly about situations. With my teenage daughter, I speak to her on a constant basis about boys and life in general. I try to take everyday situations and speak about them. If I have trouble at work, I tell her about it. Use it as a teaching situation. If she tells me about a situation at school, I listen and then give my opinion. I talk to her as a regular person, allowing her to voice her opinions and beliefs.  If I disagree, I let her know and we talk about it.

Being able to talk to your children is key to showing them the right way to behave and act. Talk to your children today and start to sow the seeds of a fruitful relationship, helping them on the path to adulthood.

Margaret Wilson

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